Philanthropic Committee

Mission - to build lasting relationships and community spirit while serving women and children through charitable services.

Goals -

  • Serve vulnerable women and children in the St. Louis area
  • Involve PWA members in interactive service - go beyond donations
  • Give PWA members an opportunity to work closely with each other while helping our community


Philanthropic Committee Members

Phyllis Jaudes - Chair
Lisa Yanker
Nancy Bruce
Leslie Garvin
Kerry Ghormley
Julia Gray
Pam Reitz

Philanthropic Community Events


Been cleaning out your closets during the stay-at-home?  (Big thank you to Nancy Nix-Rice… 😊)  Wondering what to do with the items you no longer want?  Please DONATE THEM to Dress for Success!  The Philanthropy Committee will be sponsoring a clothing and accessories drive as soon as Dress for Success is able to accept donations again – they are hoping for late summer or early fall – so please save your professional attire and accessories for this excellent cause!  Dress for Success especially needs purses and interview-appropriate clothing.  Due to space restrictions, they’re dialing back on accepting “business casual” attire.  But hold that thought – we’re working on finding another charity that can use our business casual hand-me-downs.  Thanks very much!