Philanthropic Committee

Mission - to build lasting relationships and community spirit while serving women and children through charitable services.

Goals -

  • Serve vulnerable women and children in the St. Louis area
  • Involve PWA members in interactive service - go beyond donations
  • Give PWA members an opportunity to work closely with each other while helping our community


Philanthropic Committee Members

Phyllis Jaudes - Chair
Lisa Yanker
Nancy Bruce
Leslie Garvin
Kerry Ghormley
Julia Gray
Pam Reitz
Kim Shotton
Lisa Oxenhandler
Melissa Adams
Lisa Lohe
Pam Weston

Philanthropic Community Events


Hunger Heroes From Home
PWA has proudly sponsored World Food Day for the past several years, but unfortunately, the in-person event has been cancelled due to the COVID pandemic. 
Sadly, hunger does not take a break, so this year’s event is being held virtually with a Hunger Heroes From Home campaign. A significant difference this year is that the funds will be shared with The St. Louis Area Foodbank and The Outreach Program, both of which help local families in need.
We can still make a difference and act to alleviate hunger in our community. Please join us by being a HUNGER HERO with your donation!
Click HERE to donate.

Been cleaning out your closets during the stay-at-home?  (Big thank you to Nancy Nix-Rice… 😊)  Wondering what to do with the items you no longer want?  Please DONATE THEM to Dress for Success!  The Philanthropy Committee will be sponsoring a clothing and accessories drive as soon as Dress for Success is able to accept donations again – they are hoping for late summer or early fall – so please save your professional attire and accessories for this excellent cause!  Dress for Success especially needs purses and interview-appropriate clothing.  Due to space restrictions, they’re dialing back on accepting “business casual” attire.  But hold that thought – we’re working on finding another charity that can use our business casual hand-me-downs.  Thanks very much!