Mentoring Program

Applications for the Spring 2015 Mentoring Program will be accepted in February 2015.  Please apply in February if you are interested in participating as a Mentor or Protégé.

How it Works

  • The Mentoring Program is a valuable membership perk that allows members to exchange knowledge and experience with each other.
  • Any member can become a mentor by submitting an application form describing her strengths and by later volunteering time to meet with her protegé.
  • Becoming a protegé is equally easy. By filling out an application form, the member describes her interest and is later paired with a qualified mentor.
  • The Mentoring Committee takes the responsibility for reviewing the forms, matching a mentor with a protégé, and conducting the initial training session for the matched pair.
  • After the initial training, the matched pairs create their own schedules and meet at their own convenience.
  • We ask that the pairs make a six-month commitment to the Mentoring Program to get the most benefit from the process. The Mentoring Committee supervisors stays with the pairs throughout the program and occasionally checks-in to monitor their progress keeping them on track to meet their program goals.
  • Our Mentoring Program has been professionally designed by The Mentoring Institute, exclusively for PWA. In order to participate in the program, you are required to be a current PWA member.
  • We now have a "staff of mentors" who have been pre-qualified and are awaiting a protégé with which to be matched.


Creating a Match

The match is based on the information provided on the application. Please be open, honest and specific in your answers. The relationship agreement consists of a questionnaire completed by the mentor and protégé together. The questionnaire requires them to define:

  • mentoring goals
  • skills to be developed
  • roles of the mentor
  • roles of the protégé
  • progress measurement criteria
  • frequency, duration and location of the meetings
  • a date for the first meeting


Potential Benefits to the Protégé

  • an opportunity to improve key skills in a non-threatening environment
  • accelerated transfer of attitudinal, technical and behavioral skills that are difficult to acquire on one's own
  • easy access to resources and networking opportunities
  • exposure to decision-making and leadership styles of more senior women executives
  • greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • a chance to become acquainted with other PWA members at a deeper level


Other Reasons to Participate

  • 44% of CEO's list mentoring programs as one of the three most effective strategies to enhance women's advancement to senior management.
  • 75% of executives said that mentoring played a key role in their career. A survey of CEO's states that one of the top three factors in their career was mentoring.
  • 76% of Fortune 25 companies offer mentoring programs compared to 55% of the non-best.
  • Individuals who had a mentor reported greater job satisfaction and earlier financial success.
  • A survey polled 378 companies from across the country on why they offer mentoring programs to their employees. The results will be published on this page soon.


If you are interested in mentoring or being mentored, click here to fill out our application form.