PWA Mentoring Program



To enable each participant to maximize her potential and fully contribute to the organization and the world.

Who is a MENTEE?

A mentee is a woman who seeks to learn and grow from a recurring relationship with a mentor who has experiences and skills that the mentee wishes to learn and develop.

Who is a MENTOR?

A Mentor is a woman with expertise who can help to develop the career/business of a mentee.  The mentor guides, advises and promotes the career/business development of the mentee.


Give your mentee your BEST:

Believe in her

Encourage her

Share with her

Trust her


What's included?

A welcoming gathering with mentors and mentees to introduce each other and answer any questions.

Additional gatherings throughout the year to check in and get feedback about how everyone is doing.

Mentees and Mentors set their schedules between themselves.  They are encouraged to meet a minimum of once a month throughout the year.


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2023-2024 Mentors