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Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee is responsible for one major PWA event: the annual Auction/Networking Fundraiser in May. The success of this event is critical for the continued PWA operation. With the funds we raise, PWA can continue our financial support of Lydia’s House, a charitable organization dedicated to providing transitional housing, comprehensive, goal-oriented, support services, and access to community resources for abused women and their children. To learn more about Lydia’s House go to  Some of the proceeds from the auction also allow us to maintain PWA’s mentoring program and leadership seminars and to provide resources through education and networking.

Marketing/Social Media Committee

The marketing committee assists in the promotion of PWA and its activities to members, prospective members, guests and the community at large. The marketing committee oversees communications on behalf of PWA and explores ideas to increase membership, as well as increase our members’ level of involvement.

This committee relies on the diverse and creative opinions of the women in the PWA and we hope you will consider lending your talents to our committee. Many opportunities exist to be creative and influential in projects like web content, media kits, marketing material, advertising copy and planning for the success and longevity of PWA. We are defining the future direction of this organization! Even if you are not in the marketing field, there are ways for you to be involved and share your talents.

This committee is also responsible for PWA’s strategy and presence on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter. One of the core strategies for PWA is to use the social media to expand the social connections among professional women in the region. Many opportunities exist to be creative in projects using social media. If you enjoy using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter we need you!

Membership Committee

The membership committee acts as the voice of the PWA members. As a committee member you will welcome all new guests and encourage them to join. We work in partnership with marketing to promote both individual and corporate membership levels and answer inquiries from prospective members. The Membership Committee also organizes and plans at least 3 new member orientations per year.

Overall, the membership committee allows the opportunity to get directly involved with our members and ensure that PWA is meeting their needs.  We do this with ongoing communication with new and existing members to increase member satisfaction and retention.

Mentoring Committee

As a mentoring committee member, you will assist in the training and monitoring of the mentoring program matches. The time commitment is minimal – a brief training session and monthly or bi-monthly contact with the program participants. You are not required to be a mentor in order to serve on the mentoring committee; however, having mentoring experience gives you a helpful perspective when creating matches and training other mentors and protegés.

The professionally designed PWA Mentoring Program manuals provide an excellent tool for future leaders of the program.

Philanthropic Committee

This committee is responsible for building lasting relationships in the community while serving women and children through charitable service. This committee meets the 3rd Monday of every month all year (except December) at 5:30 pm.

Social Networking Committee

One of the reasons members join PWA is to increase their networking circle and increase their professional relationships. This committee organizes fun and unique social events for PWA members that provide opportunities to network and build relationships, including the annual golf tournament. As a member of this committee you will be able to participate in organizing, implementing and evaluating each one of the creative social events. If you like to organize fun events and connect people, this is the committee for you. This committee meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at 11:30 am.