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Immerse yourself in a world of opportunities with PWA Events! From thought-provoking talks at our monthly Signature Speaker Series to the camaraderie of Virtual Trainings, and the joy of Social Events like happy hours, floral design, and cooking classes — there's something for everyone. Engage with purpose at our Philanthropy Events, contributing to causes that matter. Elevate your networking, learning, and socializing game with PWA. Your seat at these extraordinary events awaits! Our monthly Signature Speaker Series gives you opportunities to hear accomplished woman-professionals in a wide variety of backgrounds share their experiences. You can also attend our bi-annual Open House where you can learn more about PWA, our Committees and members, as well as network, eat and drink, and have an amazing time. Guests are welcome to attend two (2) events at the non-member rate.

PWA Events

  • Signature Speaker Series Luncheons
  • Annual Symposium
  • Annual Fundraising
  • Social Events
  • Philanthropic Events
  • Golf League

Reasons to join PWA:

  • Meet new members and form relationships
  • Develop your career
  • Our valuable mentoring program
  • Open doors to new opportunities
  • Learn from accomplished speakers
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