The VOICES Award is an annual award given in celebration of an outstanding professional woman who has made a positive, significant impact to PWA, on the professional success of her organization and on the lives of others within her community.  Nominees are chosen from the membership based on the following:


  • Provides leadership & support to PWA through committees, board positions, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Exemplifies leadership & passion in her profession and community.
  • Engages in active, thoughtful and informed decision-making processes that serve to positively influence others to grow personally and professionally.
  • Demonstrates innovation that contributes to the success of her firm or community.


Past Recipients of the VOICES Award:

2020    Bernie Frazier and Tara Gregor
2019     Elaine Mahr
2018     Julie Hohe
2017     Elizabeth Cassady and Nancy Nix-Rice
2016     Karen Jung and Sherri Benkelman
2015     Donna Erbs
2014     ReAnna Smith
2013     Cindy Goodwin-Sak and Dianne Mehelic
2012     Melany Nitzsche
2011     Stephanie Dobson
2010     Nino Clarkin
2009     Kelly Jones
2008     Helen Heilich
2007     Sandy McKinney
2006     Barb Polster