Rules Women Must Follow to Get Ahead.  I always find these articles interesting in a kind of “wish I knew then what I know now kind of way.”  When I read it, I thought of many of the talented and dedicated women I’ve met through PWA, who are making a difference in our workplaces and communities.  The Rules are:
  1. Work Hard
  2. Do Work No One Else Wants to Do
  3. Cultivate the People in Charge
  4. Know What You Want and Go for It
  5. Promote Yourself Legitimately
  6. Network with Your Peers
  7. Mark Your Own Course
  8. Leave to Get Ahead
  9. Dress Well and Play Golf
These are great rules.  They are simple to the point and rules we should all be living by. Membership in PWA can actually help you with several of these rules.  You can certainly promote yourself, network with peers, get some tips on dressing well, and even play golf.  Our annual tournament is coming up September 17, and it is much more about fun than finesse so think about playing in this stress-free environment.  At PWA, you can also hear from women who have been in your shoes and share with those who are just joining the ranks. I encourage you to read this article at join PWA for our upcoming meeting at 11:30 on June 6 at the Ritz to see how we can help you implement them.