(September 30, 2015)[PWA Member]  Amanda Majewski has officially been named Director of Payroll Services for Extra Help, Inc., a workforce development and payroll company. Majewski has been with Extra Help, Inc. for over four years as part of the business development team. “I’m committed to seeing through the success of our clients at Extra Help by reducing their labor costs to impact their bottom line. I work with businesses to determine their workforce needs to streamline the hiring process through payroll and tax compliance,” said Amanda Majewski, Director of Payroll Services. “I see my new title as just an expansion of my already existing role, along with overseeing a team of six individuals and ensuring that our payroll department runs accordingly. I’m looking forward to this new opportunity.” Now leading Extra Help, Inc.’s Payroll Service Department, Majewski will continue to grow and expand her already built skill set. Along with managing a nationwide payroll service, she will continue to build client relationships and continue to grow her payroll team with hiring, training, and continued education. “Amanda knows our payroll department and clients extremely well,” said Teresa Katubig, President and CEO of Extra Help, Inc. “If anyone is a good fit for this position, it is her. Our company looks forward to her new responsibilities and the changes it will bring.” For more information about Extra Help, Inc. visit our website www.ExtraHelpInc.com Established in 1995 as a temporary employment agency, Extra Help, Inc. has evolved into a locally owned entrepreneurial success story. It is now a full-service employment, payroll and workforce services company that serves more than a thousand mid-sized companies in 34 states from offices in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama and Missouri. Its array of services includes recruiting, temporary staffing, timekeeping, benefits management and payroll services, all designed to increase workforce efficiency.