MWBOC_full_logo_4_colorWhat is the Midwest Women Business Owners’ Conference (MWBOC)?

An educational, interactive event bringing powerful female business owners together to discuss relevant, provocative business topics crowdsourced from women just like you. Attendees will experience:
  • High-performing business leaders addressing management, marketing, and operational challenges
  • Exclusive access to trends specific to women-led organizations
  • Best practices for growth, balance, mindset, corporate culture, employee retention, and more
  • Informative panel discussions and 1:1 interviews featuring business thought leaders
  • Premium relationship-building opportunities
  • Expert analyses of common business issues and how to avoid or address them
The Midwest Women Business Owners’ Conference is presented by Black Dress Partners, a business consulting and coaching organization, founded by Erin Joy who is also a PWA member, that helps second-stage women business owners expedite organizational growth and efficacy. All PWA members receive a discount! Use the code PWA50 at checkout! Click here to register!