The Social Networking Committee at iTap

The Social Networking committee is all about creating opportunities for PWA members to turn acquaintances into friends while exploring St. Louis and letting their hair down after work.  This benefits members personally as they build peer bonds with other ambitious professional women.  It benefits members professionally as they grow their network effectively -- we are all more comfortable referring someone we know and trust for new business or a new position.  

Social Networking events hosted this year include:

Happy Hour hosted at women owned Doc's Harley Davidson.  The evening included open bar and motorcycle simulators, as well as photo opportunities and tours.  Adrenaline was rushing as women gained liquid courage and cheered each other on to ride the stationary Harley. Happy Hour hosted at woman owned Bellas Artes.  This gorgeous art gallery provided a perfect venue for an evening of salsa lessons and a peek into St. Louis' global art scene.  There's no better way to make a new friend than stepping out of your comfort zone through dance and sangria. Happy Hour at iTap.  Craft beer is all the rage and this evening was all about getting together at the popular local brewery for small group beer lessons and sampling. Discussing preferences was the perfect conversation starter and now we can hold our own in the craft beer scene.

Coming Up:

Noboleis Winery Tour.  This husband and wife owned winery will be our venue for a gorgeous Saturday filled with reminiscing about 2013 and enjoying one of Missouri's greatest treasures - wine country.

Business Owners forum:

The Social Networking committee is also honored to host two events a year that cater to the unique needs of our business owning members.  These events provide a welcomed opportunity for female business owners who do not have the benefit of corporate affinity groups to build peer bonds and develop/strengthen professional skills central to their success. Events include: Breakfast with a CPA at woman managed Bevo Mill.  Members learned about ways to marry their skill set (order procurement or fulfillment) with a chosen business structure.  They also learned about the pros and cons of partnerships and ways to avoid unforeseen conflict. Business Owners at COCA.  This event will provide business owners the opportunity to learn the art of public speaking through instruction from professional theater actors and directors.  Whether it's a 30 second elevator speech or hosting a seminar business owners must be able to capture an audience with confidence. We would like to invite you to take part in a social networking event if you haven't done so this year.  Bring a friend or colleague!