The Mentors for the 2016 St. Louis Business Journal’s Mentoring Monday are finally listed.  Three of our own, Rolanda Robinson, Diane Ray and Lisa Yanker are some of the mentors for this year. MEET YOUR MENTOR at the St. Louis Business Journal Bizwomen Mentoring Monday Event. The event will offer attendees the opportunity to choose from 40 mentors who are the most influential women in the community for one-on-one coaching sessions. These "sessions" will last no more than 7 minutes per mentor. The way it works: mentors will sit around tables and mentees/attendees will sit opposite, moving seats every 7 mintues when a bell rings to end the coaching sessions. Mentees/attendees may stand in line to wait for another available mentor. This will give mentees/attendees a chance to talk among themselves and network with each other as well. The third national Mentoring Monday event to be held in 43 ACBJ markets simultaneously. Our mentors are business experts in a variety of fields. We expect mentees/attendees to have the opportunity to meet between one and five mentors. The quick turnaround is organized chaos which will be fast, fun and fulfilling as everyone gets the chance to meet new people and gain new insights! Don’t miss this unique leadership training opportunity. Want to see the event in action? Check out this video from our inaugural Bizwomen Mentoring Monday event held in 2014: